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Thursday, October 26


One last reason, I can have several other pages imbedded in my blog. Very nice for folks like me who like free sites to host their thoughts. Check out my “About” section and “Resources.”

I'm Done With Blogger...Sorta

A long hiatus from blogging due to personal life changes. Found out that my wife and I are expecting our first child. Started a new job with a phenomenal company. Bought a house. Decided to stay and work on my PhD (apologies to Kevin, Matthew, and Harold - keep in touch because I still want to plant a church, revitalize a church, etc). Went through three weeks of training. Have been reading several books on pluralism (Hick, Tillich, Kung, Knitter) for a paper I am writing on the subject - granted this does not count as a life change (for all who were sweating), but just a time commitment.

The title for this post is due to my leaving Blogger to go to WordPress. Several reasons:
1. I am able to keep up with replies easier - as are readers so dialogues can be encouraged.
2. The categorization can be tracked easily with WordPress for those who would like to peruse by subject.
3. I need something I can write on while on lunch at work - I use a program called MacJournal right now. It’s a great program, but the version I use is not the updated one that can post to WordPress. So I will just do it from the Internet site. I know, you could post from Blogger, but a) I never figured it out, b) it is easier to do with WordPress, and c) I am running out of reasons so I figured if I could get more words down it would look more thought out than it is really is!
4. I wanted to...

Okay, so I ran out. My hope is that the new site will encourage discussion. Check back often. My project right now is to categorize everything, but I still have a way to go as you will see. You can still access this site, as I will keep it up for folks to find articles when googling. If anyone has any ideas on CSS design I would greatly appreciate it...as I would like to customize my site some more.

My New Home: http://offthewire.wordpress.com

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